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Why so many buyer prefer to higher cost TPU coated fabric ?

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TPU coated fabric is more and more popular from 2016, Baixing Group start TPU coating manufacturing from 2014, Many buyer think the TPU coating cost is too high . That is right , Coating cost is about USD 1.1-3.0 /Meter in that time. 5 year past , Many TAIWAN supplier up their TPU fabric price around and around. That make Baixing TPU coating fabric line have more market after 2020.

Why so many buyer prefer to higher cost TPU coated fabric ?

The biggest reason is the TPU coating is supper good in Anti-Scratch.

Normal PVC coating full of white crash markin easily when some thing stick it. The PVC brings some odor when explore in the Sun . these thing will not happen for TPU fabric. 

TPU fabric surface always shiny and Smooth , You could get skin feeling when you touch it .  The TPU coating could be black color or orange or Transparent for your customize design .

Waterproof over 10000 MM is very easy , that is why many life ring and inflatable coat made of this fabric .

Normal TPU coated 600D fabric width is 145 cm , Thickness is 0.45MM.

Contact Changzhou Baixing Trading company , you will get more fabric welding test video too . 

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