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How we produce fabric

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As a fabric factory of Baixing Group, we have been produce oxford fabric for over 40 years.Our main product is polyester oxford fabric.

Today I would like to show you pictures of how we produce fabric.


Step 1, we buy polyester yarns from raw material factory and check the quality, usually we have 300D,400D,500D,600D,1000D for DTY series and 70D,190T,210T,420D,1680D for FDY series.

Step 2,we weave the yarns into raw fabric,and check the quality,make sure the fabric will not be dirty or broken.

Step 3, we send the raw fabric to dyeing factory for making correct colors and prepared for making coating on the back side.

Step 4,we do printing on the front side of fabric if needed,some buyers will customize their own designs.

Step 5,we make PVC or PU or TPU or other coating on the back side of fabric.

Step 6,after doing coating, we will check the fabric again to make sure the quality is good and we pack the fabric into rolls.

Step 7,the fabric rolls will be ready for shipping.

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