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  • We can test the fabric by 2 ways separately.1.Impermeable on the surface of fabric.In production, only add waterproof material on the surface of yarn, not add it in backing.The kind of fabric can pass raining test. Because all yarns are covered by the water repellent material. The water can not go


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  • 1. The color of polyester-cotton fluorescent fabric is limited by the types of fluorescent dyes for cotton and disperse fluorescent dyes for polyester, with a single color spectrum and difficulty in color matching. At present, the only reactive fluorescent dyes for cotton are yellow, and the dispers


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  • 1. Fluorescent fabric has poor color fastness to light.2. Fluorescent coating rubbing color fastness is poor, washing color loss is great.3. Fluorescent color of cotton, linen, wool and silk fabrics have problems such as difficult to make accurate color, dull color and low fluorescent reflectivity.4


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  • (1) Disperse dye prescription: acetic acid 1g/L, disperse fluorescent red G20g/L, leveling agent SBM10 g/L, anti-swim shift agent PD20g/L, baking 195℃*2.5 minutes.(2) Reduction cleaning: caustic soda 10 g/L, insurance powder 15 g/L, 90℃*15min.(3) hydrogen peroxide bleaching: caustic soda, alkali, hy


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  • 1. The whiteness of the semi-bleached cloth is directly related to the fluorescence of the finished cloth, requiring whiteness value ≥ 80% 2. Active fluorescent yellow FL should be used 35 ~ 40 ℃ hydration material, otherwise, the dye is easy to appear cohesion 3. The adjustment of finished color l


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  • Into the cloth → passing water (40 ℃ × 4 turns) → add dye (40 ℃ × 10min, dye at both ends) → add powder (40 ℃ × 25min) → add soda ash (55 ~ 60 ℃ × 45min) → wash cold water → soap (80 ℃ × 5min, Fountainhead soap detergent 5g / L) → wash cold water → on the shaft.


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  • Fluorescent Yellow Fabric can be used to make the target at a distance or in the dark to get a strong reflection of light, so as to play a good warning and safety prevention role. fluorescent yellow fabric to chemical fiber-based, using disperse fluorescent dyes on the fiber, washing color fastness,


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