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  • As a fabric factory of Baixing Group, we have been produce oxford fabric for over 40 years.Our main product is polyester oxford fabric.Today I would like to show you pictures of how we produce fabric. Step 1, we buy polyester yarns from raw material factory and check the quality, usually we have 300


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  • Nylon fabric is better stronger than polyester in same scale yarn , More and more brand prefer to use nylon material for their high level market . TPU membrane is premium material in fabric coating . TPU and Nylon is a good partner to give the buyer more surprise.Normal PVC coated fabric PU coated


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  • Our life is becoming better and better. We need more and more individual or nice product.The situation is also happening on our bag fabric.Nice picture printed on the fabric is an efficient and economical way ! Under present technical level, we mainly have 2 styles to finish it. 1. Digital printingI


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  • As we all know that PVC coating is the most widely used coating method on oxford bag fabric.Baixing Group has own PVC coating factory with 9 coating machines and we do many different kinds of PVC coating on fabric.I would like to introduce some kinds of PVC coating and show their differences with pi


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  • Acrylic fabric is best described as fabric woven or knitted with acrylic yarns. As a synthetic fabric, acrylic is not something that comes from the natural world. Instead, acrylic fabric produced artificially through a synthetic polymer known as acrylonitrile. Acrylonitrile is derived from petroleum


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  • TPU coated fabric is more and more popular from 2016, Baixing Group start TPU coating manufacturing from 2014, Many buyer think the TPU coating cost is too high . That is right , Coating cost is about USD 1.1-3.0 /Meter in that time.


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  • 1. 600D oxford fabric with PVC coating.This fabric is widely used in the production of school bags due to its good thickness, high color fastness and resistance to breakage. Our company exports this kind of 600D fabric to Europe and America all the year round, which is deeply loved by customers. The


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  • We can test the fabric by 2 ways separately.1.Impermeable on the surface of fabric.In production, only add waterproof material on the surface of yarn, not add it in backing.The kind of fabric can pass raining test. Because all yarns are covered by the water repellent material. The water can not go


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  • 1. The color of polyester-cotton fluorescent fabric is limited by the types of fluorescent dyes for cotton and disperse fluorescent dyes for polyester, with a single color spectrum and difficulty in color matching. At present, the only reactive fluorescent dyes for cotton are yellow, and the dispers


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  • 1. Fluorescent fabric has poor color fastness to light.2. Fluorescent coating rubbing color fastness is poor, washing color loss is great.3. Fluorescent color of cotton, linen, wool and silk fabrics have problems such as difficult to make accurate color, dull color and low fluorescent reflectivity.4


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