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The most popular oxford polyester fabric for backpack and bags

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1. 600D oxford fabric with PVC coating.

This fabric is widely used in the production of school bags due to its good thickness, high color fastness and resistance to breakage. Our company exports this kind of 600D fabric to Europe and America all the year round, which is deeply loved by customers. The PVC coating can makes the fabric up to 0.55mm in thickness or even more,and we have different embossing of PVC side for your choosing.Waterproof treatment is also available for any of our fabric.

2. Polyester 900D fabric with PU coating and waterproof.

The fabric is waterproof and impervious to water even in heavy rain due to its high water pressure treatment. Also PU coating has no harmful elements to human body so this is really good to use it for making bags which people need to pick with everyday.

3. 1680D fabric with PVC coating.

1680D fabric with PVC coating can be very thick and strong because the denier is high.This fabric also looks very shiny so it is nice to make luggage and backpacks.Our company has been exporting fabric to all over the world from 30 years ago, We are confident that we can provide high quality products at competitive prices.

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