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Different kinds of PVC coating

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As we all know that PVC coating is the most widely used coating method on oxford bag fabric.Baixing Group has own PVC coating factory with 9 coating machines and we do many different kinds of PVC coating on fabric.

I would like to introduce some kinds of PVC coating and show their differences with pictures and word description.

The different embossing of PVC coating,usually we have three different embossing on the back of fabric, Thick lines(or called diamond),Flat, Thin lines.

With different embossing, the fabric thickness and hand-feeling will be different.

The different quality of PVC with white marks.

Lower quality PVC coating will show many white marks and the PVC will peel off after using. But we also have top quality PVC that will show no white marks and the PVC is strongly sticked on the back of fabric.

You can ask for our free samples to check our PVC coating quality!

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