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420D Nylon TPU Fabric

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Nylon fabric is better stronger than polyester in same scale yarn , More and more brand prefer to use nylon material for their high level market .  TPU membrane is premium material in fabric coating .  TPU and Nylon is a good partner to give the buyer more surprise.

Normal PVC coated fabric PU coated fabric is easily to be torn out from fabric after high or deep cold temperature , TPU is unique !  No matter of snow cold weather or hot high temperature water condition , The TPU coated fabric still be done in well  .  Do you remember what i said about nylon ‘ advantage ?  Yes , the nylon yard is so strong . So final TPU coated nylon 420D TPU coated fabric is good performance in tear resistant and good for outdoor use.

TPU costed fabric width be 145 cm , Mostly fabric roll was cut the side . So the whole fabric is useful for your produce . Other PVC coated or PU or PA fabric width is 152 cm but you need to cut the side rough side again.

We produced  TPU fabric from 2014,  we have 70D TPU fabric be 180 GSM and 0.30mm thickness for inflatable vest and life ring ,  210D TPU nylon fabric for inflatable boat too . 600D TPU polyester fabric for big awning or big tent .   Some plane company ask our 420D nylon TPU fabric for seat making as well.

New material bring new function , We have 1680D TPU fabric in 1.0 mm thickness for unique use too.

30*20 cm TPU fabric is free for new buyer ,Ples contact us for more test video.

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