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Why Cation fabric becomes more and more popular ?

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1. What is Cation fabric ?

It is woven by 2-3 kinds of different treated polyester yarn.

Normally a piece of oxford fabric only show one color.

But Cation fabric can show 2-3 colors at the same time.

Nornal Oxford

Cation Fabric

2. Why it becomes more and more popular ?

1). I think the main reason is deep and rich colors.

When different and contradictory colors intertwined, it books like an art.

Under different colors choose and mix, you can show your different designs style.

Look below colorful world:

Any color can help you tell a story on your production !

It may be about Campus, Love, Family...

2). The second reason is on varied weave styles.

When weave Cation & Dobby together, the fabric books very high-quality !

It can help all famous brand to develop the new fashion in 2023 ....

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