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What is Antimicrobial Polyester fabric ? Why need it ?

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1. What is Polyester fabric ?

It is woven by polyester yarn.

The yarn is from oil.

In many fields, it is widely used, such as Work suits, Raincoats, Tents, Beach Chair, bags...

2. What is its advantages, comparing with traditional cotton fabric ?

Its cost is much cheaper.

It has much better strength & durable.

In order to get different functions, It can be made many kinds of treatment.

3. Why we need develop Antimicrobial Polyester fabric ?

When you have a nice backpack or tent, you may dirty it, because of your food, sweat....

its surface will mildew.

It is dirty and contains many bacteria.

You can wash it, but it can not recover well as before.

How can you do now ?

Too terrible !

That is why we need develop Antimicrobial Polyester fabric ?

The Antimicrobial agent 100% cover the surface of fabric.

It can kill most bacteria, and keep clean.

It not only protects our appearance, also protect our health.

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