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Two kinds of most popular printing style on Polyester fabric

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Our life is becoming better and better. We need more and more individual or nice product.

The situation is also happening on our bag fabric.

Nice picture printed on the fabric is an efficient and economical way !


Under present technical level, we mainly have 2 styles to finish it.


1. Digital printing

It no need spend much cost to open several big and expensive rollers.

Open your computer, then print your favourite picture design on the special paper.

Then transfer the picture from paper to surface of fabric.

No number of colors limit !

The picture is very lifelike.

It is suitable for small orders under 1000m.

2. Cylinder printing

It is the best choice for the big order/mass production.

At the beginning, you need pay more on opening printing rollers.

But it is valid for 1-2 years.

You can use it repeatedly.

The most important point is the lowest printing cost.

Its effect can reach more than 60% of Digital printing.

But printing cost is only 40% of it.

It is suitable for big orders more than 1000m.

3. Application: Backpacks, Shopping bags, School bags, tents, beach chairs...

Individual, Nice, Perfect hand feeling & Friendly Environment !

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