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Fluorescent Yellow Fabric use problems and misunderstandings

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1. Fluorescent fabric has poor color fastness to light.

2. Fluorescent coating rubbing color fastness is poor, washing color loss is great.

3. Fluorescent color of cotton, linen, wool and silk fabrics have problems such as difficult to make accurate color, dull color and low fluorescent reflectivity.

4. The minimum package of dyestuff prevailing in the industry is generally 25 kg, and many factories do not prepare fluorescent dyestuff, so in case of multi-color ratios, the quantity is too small to produce.

5. Many natural material fabric factories lack experience in making fluorescent fabrics, which leads to many color fastness problems and color light problems.

6. Some factories add fluorescent whitening agent on top of common dyes to pretend to be fluorescent dyeing.

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