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Fluorescent Yellow Fabric comprehensive summary

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1. The color of polyester-cotton fluorescent fabric is limited by the types of fluorescent dyes for cotton and disperse fluorescent dyes for polyester, with a single color spectrum and difficulty in color matching. At present, the only reactive fluorescent dyes for cotton are yellow, and the disperse fluorescent dyes for polyester are: red G, peach red BG, yellow 8GFF, orange 2GFL.

2. Whether reactive fluorescent dyes or disperse fluorescent dyes, their prices are very high, resulting in high processing costs, now mostly used for special workwear.

3. For cotton-polyester blended fabrics, if the polyester content is relatively low, using hot melt method to dye polyester will largely waste disperse fluorescent dyes, and will pollute the cotton fiber, which in turn will reduce the dyeing rate and vividness of fluorescent dyes for cotton. Therefore, you can consider using pre-dyed fluorescent polyester and adding it in during the weaving process. This reduces the cost of dyeing polyester and avoids the pollution of cotton fibers when cleaning disperse dyes.

4. Using traditional reducing solution to clean disperse fluorescent dyes, there is often unclean cleaning, serious pollution of cotton fibers, reduce the brightness, dyeing rate and saturation of cotton fibers. In production practice found that the use of reducing solution as a cleaning agent disperse fluorescent dyes removal degree steam temperature, water washing tank temperature and time is proportional to the relationship, that is, the higher the cleaning temperature, the longer the time, the lower the residue of disperse fluorescent dyes, the better the whiteness of cotton fibers.

5. Adding BP: 5~10g/L to the reducing solution can obviously improve the removal of disperse fluorescent dyes and does not affect the disperse fluorescent dyes of dyed polyester fibers.

6. From the production situation, reactive fluorescent dyeing requires high whiteness of the cotton component, and once the cotton component is contaminated by disperse dyes, the fluorescence degree is also reduced.

7. When doing functional finishing, try to use low temperature and long time baking process to prevent thermal migration of disperse dyes and fastness loss.

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