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Dyeing process and Related Questions of Fluorescent Yellow Fabric

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Fluorescent Yellow Fabric can be used to make the target at a distance or in the dark to get a strong reflection of light, so as to play a good warning and safety prevention role. fluorescent yellow fabric to chemical fiber-based, using disperse fluorescent dyes on the fiber, washing color fastness, bright color.

Cotton and linen, silk, wool fabrics to do Fluorescent Yellow Fabric, basically are used fluorescent paint through the adhesive bonding paint on the fiber to achieve the purpose of dyeing. The color of the fabric varies depending on the surface mechanism, coating concentration, dyeing rate and PH value, and even no fluorescent emission effect, resulting in no effect of fluorescent color.

Because of the high price of Fluorescent Yellow Fabric and the high cost of dyed fabric, it is rarely used in the processing of ordinary clothing and is usually used for special protective fabrics. After Fluorescent Yellow Fabric is mixed with other non-fluorescent dyes, if the reflection wavelength of conventional non-fluorescent dyes is not the same as the reflection wavelength of active Fluorescent Yellow, the reflection wavelength of active Fluorescent Yellow The wavelength of the reactive fluorescent yellow will be shielded by the reflective wavelength of other non-fluorescent dyes, which will reduce the fluorescence effect.

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