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Wet Coating Fabric
    • Wet Coating Fabric
    • Wet Coating Fabric
    • Wet Coating Fabric
    • Wet Coating Fabric
    • Wet Coating Fabric

Wet Coating Fabric

The wet micro-porous coating has a full and elastic feel, moisture guiding and good comfort.

 The textile is coated with a thin PU membrane. Developed from the "Fashion x Function" concept, our trendy look is equipped with waterproof, wind-cut, and oil release functions. It is the smartest choice for modern urban fashion.

Wet coating has the features of lightweightness, softness, no-noise and wrinkle free, which provide modern people with the high capability of daily maintenance. And it also has waterproof, windproof, breathability and more features. The idea is to vaporize the sweat produced when wearing on the move, and successfully keep the human body dry and clean. It can be said that this new technology of Wet coating not only allows the wearer to show his/her stylish and trendy taste, but also to find the luxurious experience of wearing.


Sports/Outdoor/Casual wear

Rain wear, and wind breaker


Highly waterproof, and breathable active wear usually use 2-layer coated fabric with lining combination or 3-layer laminated material. Inventively, our 2.5-layer special coating adds printing on Inner micro-porous layer of fabric to replace the conventional lining materials. The fabric design is more various, and it also has dry and comfortable touch to skin and lighter properties.


A breathable material makes you feel fresh and comfortable when wearing

Thin layer of micro porous  PU with waterproof and breathability performance, especially applicable in outdoor wearing.

Large portion of micro-pore contained in coating layer combined with fabric design that can provide a light and soft product without any damage to the fabric.



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