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PU Coated Polyester Fabric
    • PU Coated Polyester Fabric
    • PU Coated Polyester Fabric
    • PU Coated Polyester Fabric
    • PU Coated Polyester Fabric
    • PU Coated Polyester Fabric

PU Coated Polyester Fabric 

This is a lightweight material grammas per but it remains strong due to the reinforcing grid woven into the material.

The PU coated polyester fabric is airtight and provides a good level of water resistance making PU coated polyester fabric ideal for a wide range of uses. Easy to stitch using a domestic sewing machine or by hand, simply use a fine needle.


PU coated polyester fabric… Anybody who’s ever perused the intricate details of the production of outdoor clothing has probably stumbled upon this term at some point. In order to provide textiles with an additional layer of protection, a thin film of liquid PU is applied to the garment. PU coated polyester fabric has extremely strong water-repellent characteristics and is even capable of making fabrics completely waterproof! Such a film can be applied once or multiple times. One coat is appropriately called single-coated, whilst multiple coatings are referred to as multicoated. Depending on the area of use, manufacturers treat either the entire surface of the garment or just single fibers. Besides waterproofing the garment, PU coatings also make the fabric more robust and more resistant to tears, kinks, and abrasion. These coatings also happen to be very flexible and durable. Plus, thanks to modern manufacturing processes, it’s now even possible to make breathable PU fabric.



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