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Sports Meeting of Baixing Group--Hot Winter

Have already visited: 41004/09/2015  

The annual "Baixing Fun Games" held by the company came to an end on January 27, 2015.  In this Games, all participants and staff took part in the activity with full of spirit, defying the cold rain and snow.
The athletes practiced every project one month before the game, such as group-skipping, figure-relay, etc. The  impressive project is group-skipping.
When practising, they can only jump a few times and later they would lose their strength. However, they didn’t give up, exercising again and again. On the day of the game, the weather was very bad, stormy with wind blowing, but it did not affect their morale. They took off their coat, braved the cold, jumped along with powerful slogans, finally achieved an unexpected result.
Although the sports meeting has finished, what we got is not only result, but happiness and unity. In this game, the overall quality of the staff is promoted, their potential inspired and speciality developed. We have the reason to believe the future of Baixing will be better and better!

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