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A day out

Have already visited: 39010/31/2014  

It was a fine day on October 28, 2014. Every member of foreign trade department was very excited because they were going to the Happy Valley in Shanghai.
Although setting off very early, they didn't feel tired at all. They talked and laughed along the way. When they got to their destination, it was already ten o’clock. The amusement park was full of people. They quickly locked the first goal - Diving Coaster. When they reached to the top which is more than 60 meters high, everyone faced the ground, looking down straight the ground, stopping three seconds, and then falling freely. At that time, everyone could only scream with their eyes closed. Then they challenged the project -Wooden Coaster-Fireball, which seems less exciting than the previous project, with tension and excitement. The car started to crawl slowly at the beginning. But when reaching a height, it rushed down with maneuvering speed. Everyone experienced more than 10 times of zero gravity in space in the whole process. When finishing this thrilling journey, they were all frightened with feet soft. Later, they also played other breathtaking projects. All in all, everyone enjoyed themselves in the whole activity.
Through this event, they not only strengthen the unity, but better promote communication and enhance friendship, which lays a good foundation for the team development in the future.


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