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The Trial Production of Hydrolysis Resistance of Bopet Film

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The existing PET film for solar backsheet has no hydrolysis resistance, which is easily hydrolysed in harsh environment and will result in the breakage of original molecular chains and shorten the service life of backsheet.

With the increasing requirement for extending battery life and improving the efficiency of photoelectric conversion, PV module manufacturers have more strict requires on PV supporting materials--polyester film. As a result, more and more factories choose hydrolysis resistant backsheet. Although the price is high, the service life of the integral assembly is longer, which can reduce the social economic cost and improve effciency. It can also increase our product variety and improve our enterprise's competitiveness.

During the period of research, our technical personnel had been looking for the additive of hydrolysis to collect information. They did many small expriments in Changzhou University and simulation of accelerated aging tests. Finally they determine the type of hydrolysis. Later, they started the trial production and test if the hydrolysis resistant bopet film can reach the standard of the PV module manufacturer. The test result is very good!

Our company's products have reached the advanced level of similar products in the same industry. (2015.10.17)

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