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The principle of Breathable Outdoor Fabric and the introduction of the top ten manufacturers

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Breathable Outdoor Fabric materials are all based on the same principle, allowing the material to have air holes between water and gas molecules. There are hundreds of millions of small irregular holes arranged on each square centimeter of the film, which are smaller than water molecules, but larger than human sweat molecules! The human body's sweat gas can be smoothly discharged through these small holes, to achieve the function of waterproof and breathable.

Breathable Outdoor Fabric

Since the gas close to the human body will be relatively hot, the pressure will be larger than the gas outside the body, and the sweat will be automatically discharged under this pressure; at the same time, since the membrane pores on the fabric are very small, the wind cannot pass through, so it has an excellent windproof function. Take advantage of the difference between the smallest diameter of water droplets and the diameter of water molecules or air molecules. Even the smallest water droplet is certainly much larger than the diameter of water molecules or air molecules. Then, if the aperture between the warp and weft of the fabric is controlled between the minimum diameter of water droplets and the maximum diameter of water or air molecules, water droplets cannot enter and water and air molecules can pass through unimpeded.

Breathable Outdoor Fabric made by this method, the advantage is light and durable, breathable and soft, the disadvantage is that after a period of use, breathable performance will be greatly reduced, and because of its spinning yarn must be specially treated, the manufacturing cost is higher.

Breathable Outdoor Fabric manufacturers introduce.


As the world's leading waterproof jacket manufacturer, different people in different occasions will have different requirements for the breathability, weight, folded volume and price of the jacket, so mont-bell uses three different waterproof fabrics for different purposes.


Gore-Tex is a very thin layer of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene film ePTFE (expandedPoly-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene), which is placed on the fabric in a laminated way. It is characterized by 1.4 billion small holes per square inch, the size of each hole is only one-twentieth of a water drop, but 700 times larger than the water vapor molecules, so only allow water vapor to pass through and not water point through, waterproof degree up to 45,000mm water pressure, breathability up to 13,500g/m2/24hrs, and thus has a superb waterproof and breathable function.


4、AquaDry and AquaDryPro



The first domestic manufacturer of waterproof and breathable fabrics, which used to serve mainly for the military, but started to shift to civilian use in 2002.


A kind of windproof and breathable material from the American Gore Company.



An extremely light waterproof material, used to make sleeping bag jacket and high-end down jacket.

Breathable Outdoor Fabric Manufacturer


Baixing Group situated in Changzhou city,Jiangsu Province, has complete set of excellent processing

Baixing is a modernized enterprise, which specialized in the development, production and management of the products.

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With all this advantages, Baixing has occupied a important position in both domestic

Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries  

Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries and districts including Europe ,the United States, Vietnam, the Middle East, Russia and so on.

Our products are wildly recognized and trusted by Disney, Amazon and other well-known buyers.

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