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Baixing Group Resume Work Today

Have already visited: 84302/17/2020  

We are glad to tell you that Baixing Group has resumed production on 17th, February. 

Welcome to consult and negotiate orders.

After more than 20 days of arduous struggle by the Chinese government, it successfully controlled this infectious disease - Corna Virus, a highly infectious and extremely high mortality rate disease.

Thanks to the joint efforts of the entire Chinese people and the mutual help and assistance of people all over the world, China is orderly and comprehensively resuming production.

As an industry benchmark and exemplary enterprise, Baixing Group who plays an exemplary role for the textile industry is brave enough to move forward and become the first batch of pilot production restart enterprises.

Baixing Group adopts a full set of strict disinfection precautions to protect the health of each worker.


Comprehensive cleaning before entering the factory, 

Equipped with epidemic masks and clothing


Popularize epidemic prevention knowledge


Medical staff for constantly monitoring staff health changes

Each workshop has also been fully disinfected, and the goods are disinfected again before leaving the factory to ensure that each batch of goods meets the special factory standars during the epidemic period, so that the virus does not spread and the high standard of non-proliferation is required.


Baixing Group promises that each shipment is safe and non-toxic, and complies with WHO's hygiene standards!

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