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Why Is Waterproof Stretch Fabric Waterproof? What Are Waterproof Stretch Fabric And Their Principles?

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Why is waterproof stretch fabric waterproof? What are waterproof stretch fabric and their principles waterproof fabric principle? Waterproof stretch fabric is a new type of textile fabric, its composition is made of polymer waterproof breathable material (PTFE film) plus fabric composite fabric.

Principle of Waterproof Stretch Fabric

Under the condition of water vapor, water particles are very small. According to the principle of capillary movement, water particles can penetrate into the capillary to the other side smoothly, thus the phenomenon of vapor permeation occurs. When water vapor condenses into water droplets, the particles become larger. Because of the surface tension of water droplets (water molecules are "pulling and competing" with each other), water molecules can not escape from the water droplets and penetrate to the other side smoothly, that is to say, water penetration is prevented so that the permeable film has the function of waterproof.

Principle of Waterproof Stretch Fabric

Advantages of Waterproof Stretch Fabric

The main functions of waterproof stretch fabrics are waterproof, moisture permeability, air permeability, insulation, windproof and warmth preservation. In terms of production technology, the technical requirements of waterproof stretch fabric are much higher than those of ordinary waterproof fabric, and in terms of quality, waterproof stretch fabric also has the functional characteristics that other waterproof stretch fabric does not have. Waterproof stretch fabric can enhance the airtightness and water tightness of the fabric, at the same time, its unique vapor permeability can make the water vapor inside the structure expel quickly, avoid the structure breeding mildew, and keep the human body dry all the time. It perfectly solves the problems of ventilation and windproof, waterproof and warmth preservation. It is a new type of healthy and environmental protection fabrics.

Real waterproof stretch fabric can also withstand seepage pressure in the humid climatic environment for a long time without seepage. For example, walking outdoors for a long time in the wind and rain, kneeling or sitting on the wet ground, will not seep.

What is Waterproof Stretch Fabric?

Note that there are two kinds of waterproof and breathable cloth: water-resistant and waterproof, the former is divided into two types: fiber/cloth (not windproof but good breathability) and permeable film (windproof but poor breathability); the latter is generally permeable film type, two or three layers, windproof, two layers are softer than three layers, and the permeability is better, the three layers are more complex. Reality. Water-resistant or high water repellent cloth seeps when applied under pressure, such as when you sit on a wet stool in pants of this material.

It should be emphasized that the use of waterproof stretch fabric does not necessarily guarantee the comfort of the wearer. According to the principle of moisture transmission, air permeability and comfort largely depend on the difference of temperature and humidity inside and outside clothes. The drier and cooler the outside, the better the air permeability, the higher the temperature and humidity outside, and the slower stop and even conversely transmit moisture inside your clothes.

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