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Recycled PET Fabric, also known as Coke bottle environmental protection cloth, is the use of recycled bottle, which stands for green and low-carbon, creating a new concept of renewable areas.


Bottle Recycling → Bottle Checking → Bottle Slice Spinning, Cooling → Recycled PET Yarn Weaving Fabric

Fabric classification

According to the type of yarn: FDY fabric, DTY fabric, staple fiber


Bags: laptop bag, ice bag, backpack, luggage, suitcase, cosmetic bag, pen bag, camera bag, shopping bag, handbag, gift bag, pocket, baby stroller, storage box, medical box, medicine bags, and other materials

Housewares: bed use, blankets, backrests, pillows, toys, decorative cloth, sofa sets, aprons, umbrellas, raincoats, umbrellas, curtains etc.

Clothing: suits, windbreaker, jacket, vest, sportswear, beach pants, baby sleeping bags, swimsuit, scarves, uniforms, conductive clothing, fashion, robe etc

Other: tents, sleeping bags, hats, shoe materials, car interiors etc

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